3C EASY showcase at CES 2019

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Committed to Serve the Global Mobile Users – 3C EASY’s First International Showcase at CES 2019



The 2019 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) was held on January 8th, 2019 with 4700+ participating enterprises from over 150 countries. China, as the second largest economy in the world, has already become the most prominent player in the field along with its continuously growing e-commerce industry. Chinese domestic giants in the related field – Alibaba, JD, Huawei and Pisen – appeared in the show and ‘made in China’ has become one of the hot spots during the period of CES 2019.


The leading Chinese mobile maintenance service provider 3C EASY was also invited to the CES 2019. Its brand new business model of ‘repair sharing’ attracted different types of mobile users to join 3C EASY’s live repairing sharing services at the place. 3C EASY has showcased its advanced capability of service provision and product supply chain. The new idea of ‘repair sharing’ refreshed the old view on mobile maintenance services for those who have participated in the CES 2019 and enjoyed 3C EASY’s fast services.


Most repairing service providers ask for higher prices while the service quality is not guaranteed. Lacking in the numbers, service provider are hard to find even in most cities. These facts have already been verified as common sense for most mobile users. Without regulated industrial standards and strong market supervision, huge number of branded mobile phones has made the whole mobile maintenance market into a chaotic period of time. As a result, the consumers pay more than required, mobile brands lost their credit for unqualified aftermarket services and people don’t believe that mobile maintenance is reliable anymore. This is not just a Chinese case but also happens in the developed economies. The only-trusted official after-sales maintenance services have limited authorized stores with unbelievable high prices and long waiting period for all the bookings which can’t meet the ever increasing demand for these types of services.

  Official mobile maintenance providers are incapable of providing sufficient amount of services to the market. This gives a chance for the third-party unauthorized ‘roadside’ repair stores to grow. These local micro businesses use unqualified mobile compartments, and their technicians are always underqualified without professional training. Therefore, most providers give ‘lemon’ services with low quality mobile parts used by uncertified technicians, resulted in bad service provided to the consumers.

Along with development of the Internet, online mobile phone maintenance platforms are also expanding globally. In China, there are 3C EASY, JIKE, Shanxiuxia and other companies have sprung up; there are also popular and reputable brands in western market, like iCracked, uBreakiFix and iFixit. The reasons behind such success are dynamic, but professional technicians, high quality products, and well-developed customer service system are essential.

3C EASY nowadays has more than 7000 offline service stores, covers the majority of cities in China and Hong Kong. There are even big stores in rural areas with steady customers. In terms of overseas market that 3C EASY is also showing huge potentials. Authorized stores in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other south east Asian countries, now supports door-to-door services, which means technicians can come to customers wherever they wish. There are more stores to be launched in Russia and America the following year. 3C EASY’s online website and app will be soon available in these two countries, with localized designs. There is always more to expect from 3C EASY.

The reason for this young company to expand so quickly, which is about its business logic. ‘Share maintenance’ is first developed by it, combines online and offline characteristics, product and service. For instance, when a customer purchases PISEN battery for his iPhone, this order will be allocated to a nearby 3C EASY store. Technicians in this store will install the battery for customer wherever he wishes. Same for screen replacement and similar services.

3C EASY also has world-leading quality control system. The supplier of its screen and batteries is the top Chinese digital accessory company PISEN. 3C EASY is now the official partner of PISEN. Every product is examined, tested, and packed through standardized procedures. In order to provide more caring customer service, 3C EASY also supports 1 year warranty for every user. Each spare part 3C EASY provides will have a unique ID to trace the history of it. Furthermore, 3C EASY’s technicians is trained and examined before they provide services, a certification will be given to them once they completed the training. 3C EASY’s strict quality control system monitors not only products, but also services. To manage quality from the source is 3C EASY’s determination. Such determination has also equipped 3C EASY with more potentials and capabilities in this competitive market. Now it is expanding not only locally but also internationally.

This market is competitive, changing quickly, and still expanding. Companies like 3C EASY will fill the market with more advanced products, services, and experiences. We believe, smart phone users in every corner of the world will not worry about the life span of their phones anymore. 

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